Untainted Flower Arrangements
About Us

Untainted Blossoms is an intimately quaint flower shop located in the courtyard of the Marina Village at Marigot Bay. Untainted Blossoms is owned and co- operated by Isler Wellington and has been in operation for 5 years. Prior to opening her own floral arrangement business, Ms. Wellington worked with a larger Saint Lucian Floral arrangement company. She developed a passion for arrangements as a result of her time spent with that organization, and her responsibility for creating unique arrangements for special occasions. To further her technical expertise in the field she completed a course in Flower arrangement with the National Enrichment and Learning Program. This technical knowledge coupled with Ms. Wellington’s passion and creativity allows Untainted Blossoms to deliver a wealth of emotions in every arrangement.

Untainted Blossoms is run daily by Ms. Sharmaine Louis who is the only full time employee of the establishment.

Untainted Blossoms is currently listed in the Super Yachts Guide and is one of only two Saint Lucian Flower arrangement companies listed on the www.captainsmate.com website. These listings provided much needed visibility to the establishment by what is perhaps our most sought after clientele.

Plans are already underway to expand and grow Untainted Blossoms through the acquisition of the necessary import licenses to import flowers that do not bloom in Saint Lucia. Untainted Blossoms also intends to acquire the necessary licensing to export cut flowers to the US, UK and Canada. We also Plan to get a bigger location and offer a Teleflora service.
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